losing weight requires a lot of discipline, that’s why many people have failed to lose weight and give up, but the main rule is one, exercise a lot and eat less.. without changing your lifestyle and eating less while exercising for half an hour at least three times a week even if you take medicine how can you decrease later and return to the same place.

The following are the few example of food that help to reduce fat and provide satisfaction

Green vegetables

Green vegetables; these are like amaranth, okra, bitter tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, samvu, mususa and many others… these vegetables have many vitamins, fibers and little carbohydrates so they can be eaten in large quantities and fill the stomach without causing obesity but also they are technically called as antioxidants ie they can remove toxins from the body.


Beans; This is a very good natural food that has grown many people, it has enough protein and fiber, which is very important.


Fruits; all the fruits you know reduce weight except for a few with a lot of sugar like ripe bananas and grapes.. studies have shown that people who eat a lot of fruits eat very little food because most of the space in the stomach is taken up by fruits that do not increase weight.

chickens meat

chickens meat; especially local chickens that are raised organically, have a lot of protein that builds muscles instead of adding fat to the body, modern chickens have a lot of chemicals that are related to dangerous diseases like cancer and so on.

Water oil

water oil; Fats that come in a water system like korie, coconut and sunflower oil are very good because when they enter the body they stay in the same system but fats that come in a solidification system like kimbo, blueband and butter are not good because when they reach the stomach they freeze as well.

Boiled round potatoes

boiled round potatoes ;Although many people do not want these potatoes and decide to fry them all the time to eat them as chips, but they are a very good food if you want to lose weight.. they have little sugar and a lot of potassium..

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