If you have started to grow hair and your hair is not growing as fast as you expected then it is possible that you are not taking care of it properly.I will explain to you the methods you can use to grow your hair fast and let you know what mistakes you may have been making that are stopping your hair growth.

The first mistake: Most  people straighten their hair regularly. If a person does this, then again he is killing his hair and it will start breaking when combing or at any time. So you have to reduce the use of products like this so that your hair grows.

The second mistake:  As we straighten the hair and weave the rasta style, normal hair or sewing ‘weave’ is acceptable, but if you comb and tighten the hair then there is a high possibility that it will be damaged or will break.

The third mistake:  Not cutting the ends after a while, the ends can start to split and you have to cut them so that the hair grows well because the ends contribute to stopping hair growth and cutting the hair itself. You can cut the tip two centimeters after three or four months.


 You should  braid your hair regularly so that it does not get damaged or cut. This way you will even be able to prevent damaged ends.-If you don’t feel like braiding your hair or sewing a ‘weave’, then you can tie it up or tie it using the best  

silk cloth  so that your hair is not damaged (you can use it even while sleeping).-You have to apply oil on your head regularly; especially when you feel like your head is dry or itchy. Good oils to use for hair growth are coconut oil, castor oil, Moroccan, Jamaican or lavender. You can also use any other oil, as long as it is not curd.-Do not wash your hair with  

shampoo frequently  because it removes the oil from your scalp and hair.-You have to wash your hair with conditioner if you think your hair is not very dirty, but if you think your hair is dirty, then wash it using shampoo.-It will be better if you apply oil before you wash your hair and wash your hair every one week and if it breaks, then wash it after two or three weeks.

It is also important to eat plenty of protein-rich foods such as chicken, beans or any acceptable meat.

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